We are a leading technology service(s) provider, for relocation and settlement in Canada.

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1. A Leading Company

We are humble enough to refrain from stating that we are, or we are going to be the number one company in the immigration technology (ImmTech) space in Canada; this will happen organically. Nevertheless, we are confident that when stakeholders are thinking of brokering in or taking up our services, there will be top of the mind awareness (TOMA) of who we are and what we are able to offer. As such, our pre-occupation is to be on the radar of the most critical organizations, so that we can work with them, they can see us, and we can build capacity for our partners, clients, and customers, that we are working with. As a leading company it means that we are well established, known, trusted, and we are able to facilitate the immigration process with ease.

2. A Technology Company

We use technology to accelerate our processes so that we are able to deliver value to our client, customers, and stakeholders in an agile way. Our people are at the forefront of our agile ways of working; this means that the use of technology to automate and accelerate our processes will not replace the need for human capital but rather complement it. As such, there must be precision and speed in our service delivery. We will be in possession of the digital tools to deliver a quality-driven service. As a technology-enabled company, we will rely on technology for our processes, so that services can be delivered quickly to customers. And it must be borne in mind that, we are using technology; technology is not using us.

3. A Service(s) provider

There are service providers and there are service(s) providers. At Shirah, we differentiate ourselves as the latter, because we offer complete solutions amid the plethora of services within our sector, that can somewhat be confusing to the service user and customer. As such we offer customized options for relocation and settlement, that will fulfil the residency requirement of all our customers. As a service(s) provider offering relocation and settlement services (which is our focus), we will make available “customized options” for our customers, which enables them to get to Canada, and stay there in any capacity that they so choose. All our solutions and offerings are under one umbrella.

4. A Relocation and Settlement Company

Over the years, we have proven our competence and expertise in this area. We have a history of testimonials and success stories that attest to the quality work we provide our customers. As such, we must operate a continuous improvement work environment and never rest on our oars. We will embrace business agility in as a means of remaining sustainable and viable in this digital age. As a relocation and settlement company, we focus on the demonstration of our capability, competence and expertise which is evident by the numerous testimonials and success stories to date. This is testament to the quality work that we provide our customers

5. A focus on Canada

We are a future-focused company. Based on research and scenario planning, we develop our business and position our services in alignment with the limitless opportunities within the environment. We do a scan, and we look at where the opportunities that match the need of our customers are - Canada is the right place at the moment. As such, we must market and sell Canada as a land of green pastures, flowing with opportunities, stability, career growth. We will pitch it as a land of whatever you make out of it. This line of thought strengthens our relationship with our partners. Canada provides the opportunity to settle anybody, and with it comes limitless opportunities.

1. Customer Centric

Timely response to customer enquiries within a specified (speed in which we deliver to the customer)
Service quality - work is delivered as prescribed and not refused / reduce errors that cause immigration to delay application, meticulous in their work
It is a mindset that says without the customer there is no business

2. Flexibility and Adaptability

Be able to pivot and persevere
We must continue to evolve
Appropriate response during sudden change e.g. acting quickly upon change of legislation
Responding to sudden changes and complexity of the environment

3. Ownership

Being able to take decisions without the need for unnecessary escalation
Act with autonomy based on your competence
Follow up (is very critical) on actions based on processes that started with you, regardless of dependency
Showing that you are trustworthy enough to act on behalf of the company interest
Treating the company as your own – search out solutions
Limit the amount of work thrown back at you
Exhaust all options first before seeking help from others

4. Respect

Communication that demonstrates high emotional and social intelligence
The way we make the customer feel in our communication (how you say things)
Be heard and listened to
How you address the customer and colleagues - the right temperament
Showing value to the recipient (customer/colleague) by listening more than talking
No blame culture
Speaking up without fear of retribution

5. Innovation

Creating value(service/product/process) that is usable and scalable
Creativity that is paid for
Adopting an entrepreneurial mindset

6. Agile ways of work working

Reduce waste (resources, money)
Deliver on time
Limit delays in the process